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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Shore Excursions

Well, at last we got around to looking at the shore excursions on line for our upcoming cruise in September. We have been to Amsterdam on quite a few occasions now, the last time only being a few weeks ago on Fred Olsen Black Watch (see previous post).
Even with all these visits, we have never made it to Anne Franks house, so we thought we would fix that this time. Also, as we overnight in Amsterdam, we are taking a night time canal cruise, and if it's any were near as good as sunset tour we did in Boston last year, it will be something to look forward to.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

And on to the next one !

Well our Fred Olsen cruise seems a distant memory now, as we look forward to our next cruise, and our last for the year (I never have enough leave).
We are going back to P&O and Arcadia, for a 4 nighter later this year.
It must be getting fairly close, as I have had an email form P&O to update the cruise personaliser which is now completed, and just for good measure I booked the car park today also.

As the balance was paid some time ago, we just need to look through the excursions to see if any grab us for Amsterdam as I think we will just take a walk along the prom at the other port.

Looking ahead to next year, in March we are sailing up to see the Northern Lights, so if anyone has any tips on photographing said lights, they will be gratefully received