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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Well it had to happen

I knew it would happen at some time, as sure as eggs is eggs. 

The postman came a knocking, and there it was, but it's still a bit of a mystery

Yes, it's  the shore excursion brochure from Fred for our upcoming mystery cruise.

Now the last mystery cruise we did was with Saga, and it included in the price (amongst other things )  a half day shore exec, and when we docked, you could pick up a leaflet to tell you what the excursion was, and you could then decide if you wanted the tour.

Since booking this cruise, the issue of how the shore exec was going to work had crossed my mind many times.

So inside we have port 1 to 7, again more news, the original itinerary stated 6 ports. With a sort of description of what the tour involves. So at the top end you can book a full day tour in port 4 where there is an overnight stay for £80. The description is a panoramic drive and walking tour somewhere.

So would you book a tour that is £160 for two people that you really know nothing about.

I really think this is something Fred has not thought enough about.

So we may book one or two of the shorter half day walking tours ( we do like them ), and hope we have not done them before.

But internet availability dependant, you will of course be able to follow our travels as the mystery unfolds with this blog.

And just to get us in the mood, our local in the village are holding a murder mystery evening this weekend, so we are going along to that. 

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Retirement, the story so far

Well here I am two and half months in since the day that I hung up my boots and gave back my uniform.

Well what have I been up to ?

Well as you might have guessed, besides the Adonia cruise (see my previous blog) I have also managed to book another three, one of which is the mystery cruise with Fred (see previous blog), plus 35 nights with P&O in 2016 to the caribbean and USA. Also a very short  one with Fred from Harwich next year.

Taking of Harwich, my older brother is currently on a cruise from Harwich on  the Celebrity Infinity to celebrate his birthday (it has an 0 in it), its only his second cruise, but he seems to be enjoying it so far.

Before I retired, all of my friends who had taken the plunge had said "you will not know how you had time to work", and I have to say it true !!! the days and weeks go so fast.

I do spend some time out and about on this

As I am sure you all know, I did cycle a fair bit at work, and needed to do some sort of exercise, so it seemed the obvious choice, plus I do enjoy it.

I also have the joy of taking my daughters dog (Woody) for a walk occasional, he is only  five months old so still playful (Image courtesy and © JRM Photography)

And of course the garden is looking the best it has for many a year, plus retirement has given me time to cook which I do enjoy, in fact this weekend we tried one of the christmas puddings I made last month, just to try them out of course,

So, if I ignore my ongoing health issues, which seem top be making a come back :-(, life is very good, and I can recommend this retirement lark.