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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Retirement, the story so far

Well here I am two and half months in since the day that I hung up my boots and gave back my uniform.

Well what have I been up to ?

Well as you might have guessed, besides the Adonia cruise (see my previous blog) I have also managed to book another three, one of which is the mystery cruise with Fred (see previous blog), plus 35 nights with P&O in 2016 to the caribbean and USA. Also a very short  one with Fred from Harwich next year.

Taking of Harwich, my older brother is currently on a cruise from Harwich on  the Celebrity Infinity to celebrate his birthday (it has an 0 in it), its only his second cruise, but he seems to be enjoying it so far.

Before I retired, all of my friends who had taken the plunge had said "you will not know how you had time to work", and I have to say it true !!! the days and weeks go so fast.

I do spend some time out and about on this

As I am sure you all know, I did cycle a fair bit at work, and needed to do some sort of exercise, so it seemed the obvious choice, plus I do enjoy it.

I also have the joy of taking my daughters dog (Woody) for a walk occasional, he is only  five months old so still playful (Image courtesy and © JRM Photography)

And of course the garden is looking the best it has for many a year, plus retirement has given me time to cook which I do enjoy, in fact this weekend we tried one of the christmas puddings I made last month, just to try them out of course,

So, if I ignore my ongoing health issues, which seem top be making a come back :-(, life is very good, and I can recommend this retirement lark.