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Monday, 24 November 2014

Fred Olsen Mystery Cruise Part VII

Firstly I must apologies for the quality or lack of, of my photos on my blog.
As I said,I have a new camera for this cruise with an upgraded sensor 24Mb, plus I shoot in RAW format so the files are very large. They import into my IPad OK, but it seems my blogger app can't deal with the large file. I will have to look for an app when we get back so I can re format them to JPEG on my iPad. I will of course post a link to all my photos once we are back and I have sorted them out.

So did you guess from my clues yesterday where we were going .

Well today we are in a very sunny and warm Lisbon.

Our shore exe firstly took us to Sintra the old town being a World UNESCO site 

We spent a pleasant hour walking around the old town, where cork and linen seemed to be the major items for sale, and I never knew cork could be made into so many different things.

From there we went on to Cascais, a sea side resort, which also housed the rich and famous by the look of some of the Villas we saw on the shore line.

By now it was wall to wall sun shine and quite warm, and there was also some local art

So now we only have two more ports to call at, plus another country to visit, so it could be another port in Portugul and one in France, to just two in France.
But as always on this mystery cruise, we will have to wait and see.

So until next time, bye