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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Oceana E502 Blog Part III

Annoyingly, I went to post the third part of my blog that I typed yesterday, only to find that it had disappeared from my IPad, so here I am again typing 😝

Our Penisular Luch was a combined Caribbean and Baltic, our table was hosted by Nigel Travis, the Entertainments  Manager. Call me old fashioned, but I do prefer Cruise Director. This was Nigel's first cruise after coming back from leave, so he was not up to date with all the current gossip, but he was charming as usual. He said the reason that Oceana and Aurora are the first to have the Union Flag on the bow, is that they are the ships that will be in Southampton at the same time as Britannia, so all needed to be the same.

That evening, I had an experience I have never had before, on sea or land. And hope to never repeat it.
As I have said in previous blogs, we have abandoned Freedom dining, and have been eating in the Plaza restaurant.
That night was an Eastern Mediterranean theme, and I had along with other things, pork kebabs and lamb kebabs. By kebabs, I mean meat on a wooden skewer.
So there we are enjoying our meal and a glass of wine, I swallow a mouthful of food and.........
Something gets stuck at the back of my throat. At this stage mild panic sets in, but I find I can still breathe. A glass of water fails to shift the object, nor does a dry bread roll.

It's then a quick dash to reception to tell them I need to see a doctor, and in a minute I am in the medical centre talking to a nurse. After a couple of minutes later I am in the doctors surgery and he has a spatula and light looking down my throat when he says "wait there" and comes back with a pair of long forceps with a rounded end. As he now needs three hands, the good lady got the job of holding the light, after a couple of gags from me, he manages to remove a wooden splinter 2-3cm long from my throat. It seems the wooden skewer must have splintered in the meat.
I did get presented with a bill for doctors time, but after seeing the safety officer the next day, he said the charge would be removed.
Now throughout this episode where I was on the cusp of casting off this mortal coil. Did I receive sympathy, understanding and compassion from my good lady ? No, all I got was " we can make the quiz now" 😜

Our next port was Cadiz, and due to the clocks going forward, it was still dark when we arrived, but then the sun was soon up, along with blue skies. Unfortunately this did not last long and soon became overcast. We decided to try the HOHO for 17 euros, plus it is directly outside the port gate, which is only 1 minute from the ship. We took to the open top deck, but as soon as the tour started, the wind was very nippy, also the audio commentary socket that I was using, had a mind of its own to what language I would listen to.
In the end I had to share Sue's 

And so today we arrived in the dark at Gib.

We took a walk into town and to the Trafalgar Cemetery, we were walking for 2.5 hours, so no gym for me today

Sea day tomorrow then our final port of La Coruna

So until then bye bye