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Thursday, 8 October 2015

I'm back ( well maybe )

If you had read my last blog, you will know that things medically had gone a bit down hill for me.

Well I think the big man upstairs has smiled down on me.

I actually do not feel feel like someone who is going to "pop his clogs" in the next few months, and I'm not doing too bad.

I have had 5 sessions of radio therapy on my spine and brain. 

I went to see my Oncologist yesterday and they have performed even more tests on the bone marrow they extracted earlier, and he confirmed that I have " bog standard " ( non smoking related ) Lung Cancer.

So my Oncologist is very happy with the way I am at present, so we are going to attack Mr C with a course of chemo to keep him at bay.

Mr Oncologist even said I could take a cruise, and it just so happens I still have the transit of the Panama Canal on my bucket list. We are going to see once I have finished the chemo if we can find a cruise, and more importantly an insurance company, that will insure us, without me getting a mortgage.

I have also decided to blog whilst I take my journey with Mr Cannula for my chemo, but I promise it will not be gruesome 

So until I start,

Bye bye