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Saturday, 23 May 2015

P&O B508 Part I

So, at last our chance to see for ourselves what Britannia is like, we have read all the reports, plus all the negative views, but did they made any difference ? No

As it is a bank holiday weekend, we decided to make our way down on Friday. The last few times, we have stayed at the Grand Harbour, but their prices were quite high this time, so we looked further afield.

We finally booked Ellington Lodge Hotel in Eastleigh, and after having lunch we made our way down. The M25 was very busy ( as expected ) plus the top of the M3 in the longest road works in the world, was slow. But considering it was a bank holiday weekend, it only took us an extra 30 minutes, so I thought that was not too bad.

On arriving at the hotel, we found that they are hosting a Phonyfest weekend full of tribute bands. There was even a stage that had been erected just outside our bedroom window.

Luckily, that is not being used until Saturday night.

So it was a couple of pints for me, and evening meal and an early night.

After breakfast, we had a couple of hours to fill, so decided to go for a walk. At the rear of the hotel, is the Lakeside Country Park, with a couple of lakes, one which was being used by fishermen, and one by swimmers. It really is a real gem, and a very pleasant walk.

So now back in our room, and getting ready for the off for the short drive to the Ocean Terminal. 

Next stop Britannia ⚓️⚓️⚓️