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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

P&O B508 Part III

And so we arrived in La Coruna, it's our third stop here this year, so it's becoming, home from home.

But back to the previous evening, as we dined in Sindhu. With Britannia being the size she is, everything is on the larger size, and the space for Sindhu is no different, but with small booths along the side of the restaurant, you still get that intimate feel, and the space works really well.
The food and service were excellent as always, and if you enjoy a glass or two of white wine, try the Indian Sauvignon Blanc, it really is good.

So back to La Coruna, we had no tour booked, so it was off for a walk

Although sunny, there was a chill wind about, and it was cooler than one month ago when we were here last, but still a pleasant enough walk

There were quite a few local fisherman in the harbour, not sure what they were trying to catch, I assumed some sort of shell fish, as they had very long poles with a metal basket at the end.

After lunch we sat out on deck for a while, out of the wind, but the ambient noise rose to such a level that we moved ( more about that in the cruise review )

We decided to give the Glass  House another try, and this time were seated at the rear, away from the passing throng, but not in the side room. 
We also sat next to Gill and Tony, a couple we had chatted to previously there, if you post on any cruise forums, you may know Gill as GillD46.

Our entertainment for the evening was the comedian Jeff Stevens, a consummate performer, who knows how to works his audience, and doesn't resort to smutty jokes.

Today we have reached our penultimate port of Bilbao, our arrival was greeted by lots of "cats and dogs" falling from the sky, so we are just waiting for that to clear up and we will be off for a walk.

Off to the Epicurean tonight 

So until next time

Bye bye