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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Am I a Stalker ?

Well, I was not going to write another blog, but today, was "eventful" so here I am.

Today was the last day of "my" weekend (the joys of shift work), and unusually Sue was also on annual leave, so what to do ?

Well Sue decided she wanted a new coat, so off we went this morning to Colchester. Well after a morning around the shops, Sue still had not found anything she liked.

Now I'm not saying Sue is picky, but she does know what she likes, and will not settle for second best, which is probably why she married me :-).

So, after that failure, we decided to drive another 30 minutes to Freeport Braintree, to look for the forsaid coat.

As we left Colchester, I said to Sue " I really do need to spend a penny when we get to Freeport"

As it was lunch time when we arrived, so we decided to eat in a well known Pizza restaurant on site. We were shown to our table, and I said to Sue " I must spend that penny now" so off I went in search of the toilet.

Now here is a WARNING to all men out there, if you are in a hurry, not all signs that have two legs are the Mens toilet.
 I wont go into to details, other than to say I'm very glad the toilet was empty.

So we are sitting eating when in walks Michael J Fitch and his wife. Now I know Michael, as I booked him for Sue's 60th birthday bash a few years ago.

 And excellent he was too, and I would highly recommend him.

I'm sure by now, that you know that I am a big fan of most social media, with Twitter being one of them, and as such, "follow" of Michael on Twitter.

So, I sent him a tweet saying "The Pizza in here is very good".

Well the look on his face as he read the tweet on his phone, and scanned the restaurant for who had sent it, was as the advert says, "Priceless", but I did own up in the end.

So then after lunch our quest began again to find Sue a new coat, which I am pleased to report was a success, along with few new tops just for good measure.

And so my weekend is complete and its back to work tomorrow, and on full shifts (I have been a bit poorly of late).

Could I have crammed any more into my weekend ? NO !!!