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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Travel Insurance

As you know, I'm soon to be off to the Arctic Circle to hopeful see the Northern Lights. Now I had to call my insurance company to let them know that I had been poorly lately, which thankfully they did not increase the premium ( only the excess ).

I also spoke to them about the Husky dog sledge shore ex we had booked. This was not covered by the existing policy, and I had to add on the Winter Sports bundle ( only another £13 )

So the moral of the story us to always speak to your insurance company if you are going to do anything different. You maybe surprised as it may  not cost a lot more. 
And, you don't want to trip over, and then find your insurance company will not cover you all for the sake of £13.

Picture below is off the Catnerdral in Tromso when we visited a few years ago ( can you spot the bear ? ) now that's another story ;-)