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Monday, 20 January 2014

Our weekend way

Now I was going to post this in my non cruising blog, but you will see why I changed my mind later.

It was as I finished work on Friday, that Sue said to me "do you fancy going away for the weekend" ( I had to work until 2pm of the Saturday), so a quick trawl of the internet, and we had managed to book 2 nights at Hintlesham Hall a Grade 1 listed building that was a former Manor House of many years ago, with a golf course and Spa.It was also just a short drive across the border into Suffolk near Ipswich.

 So after finishing work on Saturday, it was back home, throw a few things in a bag and we were off.

Our room (picture below) was in the Queen Anne Wing, and is the reason I have put this into my cruising blog

Do you think they know us better than we do :-)

The hotel itself, as you would imagine is like a grand old country house, with lounge next to the bar called The Drawing Room, and the restaurant, The Parlour. All the rooms had grand old fireplaces and very large oil paintings of past occupiers of the house.

So what to do on Sunday ? Well a place I have been meaning to visit for a long time was Sutton Hoo which was not too far from where we were staying.

I have to say, even for a January day (it was sunny though), it was an excellent day out, with an hour walk around the burial mounds, and then the exhibition

The helmet above is probably the most famous "Find" form the burial ground, with the original in the British Museum

Within the exhibition is a mock up of how they think the "king" was laid to rest in his boat (left picture). Now I had left my DSLR camera at home, so only had my Iphone (other makes of phone are available) to take pictures. Now the picture of the "king" on my phone would show as a thumbnail, but not a picture, only when I transferred them to the PC, could I view it, SPOOKY

And so came Monday morning, and time to go back home after a frosty start

So, all in all a great weekend away !!!!